The Parish Finances

The last couple of years have been incredibly challenging

Closure for long periods during Covid-19 lockdowns and extremely reduced attendance has put immense pressure on our finances.

As a parish run by a religious order, we receive no funding from the diocese, or from Rome.

Throughout, we have made sure St Joseph’s was still open as a place of worship, via live streamed masses, and as a focal point for the community. There were countless hospital and home visits to provide the sacraments to those in need. We supported two local food banks to feed individuals and families hardest hit by the pandemic and sustaining the fabric of the community was our focus. But this required us to dig into our reserves while our income was taking a giant hit.

As a result we are launching our SOS Appeal – Support our St Joseph’s.

St Joseph’s has a new Finance Committee who oversees and manages the Parish finances, alongside Father George.

There is also a newly formed Conservation Committee who is dedicated to supporting the upkeep of the building through fundraising within the Parish.


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